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Certified Handgun Safety School - Nashville, TN Handgun and Firearm Training


Archangel firearms instruction is designed to teach you more than the minimum state requirements for instruction. Small class sizes allow instructors to spend time with each student. Shooters of all levels are welcomed. Successful students satisfy both State of Tennessee handgun carry permit requirements and NRA basic pistol certification standards. Call today for class schedules.


• State of Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit certification classes
• National Rifle Association certified classes
• State of Tennessee and NRA certified instructors
• Classes available for Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun
• Small class sizes designed for personalized instruction
• Gourmet catered meal included in most classes
• Group discounts available
• Night/afternoon split session class format available
• Firearm rental available






Advanced Tactical Experience Academy


The academy provides an in-depth tactical training experience with highly qualified instructors. This five day course focuses on building lasting foundations in the development of firearms skills, tactical driving and close quarters personal protection skills. The Academy prepares its graduates for any venture in the world of personal protection or careers in Law Enforcement or Military Service. Graduates will also earn certifications that are prerequisites for advanced skills training in other nationally recognized firearms certification programs.


Call today for class schedules.


Course Overview:
• Five day classroom and field experience
• Handgun training and certification
• Patrol Rifle training and certification
• Tactical Shotgun training and certification
• Advanced Driver training and certification
• Close Quarters Combat /Hand to Hand defense and restraints techniques

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