Our Security Officers

Archangel Protective Services Inc

Applied Protective Services

The Archangel team is a full-service applied security provider. Our services have been developed to meet your needs. Our team is highly qualified to design a plan that fits your safety and security requirements.

Armed and Unarmed Security Officers Nationwide

Our team of highly qualified dedicated professionals is ready to serve your security services needs. Our officers are recruited from Military, Law Enforcement, and Professional Security backgrounds. A comprehensive recruiting, hiring, and training program ensures that we provide you the best officers for all of your business and special function needs.

  • Nationwide Availability
  • Minimum 2 Years Verifiable Successful Experience
  • Off-duty Police Officers Available
Archangel Protective Services Inc
Archangel Protective Services Inc

Investigations Nationwide

Archangel is a State of Tennessee board-certified Private Investigations company that provides unparalleled service and results.

Investigative Solutions include Workers Compensation Fraud Investigation, Pre-employment background checks, Post-employment reputation protection, Attorney investigative support, Tenant and vendor screening, Private investigations, and Property Recovery.

Organizational Safety and
Security Programs

Having a safe and viable security plan for your organization is required for today’s environments. Workplaces and churches are the scenes of ever-increasing violence and are regarded by criminals as “soft targets”. Archangel safety and security plans help organizations develop plans that address key risks that exist today. Our disaster preparedness planning ensures that organizations have “a plan to work and know-how to work the plan”.

Archangel Protective Services Inc

Personalized Facility
Security Plan Development

  • Includes integration of available security assets
  • Specialized development for churches, schools, and other organizations
  • Utilizes Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and other safety enhancement strategies

Disaster Preparedness Response and
Mitigation Planning and Training

  • Facilitated development of action plans that address protection of people, facilities, and assets
  • Production of detailed relevant plans and procedures
  • Qualified instructors train all levels of organizational stakeholders
  • Client driven needs assessments completed at no charge

Construction Support Services /
Gate Guards and Visual Escorts

Archangel is an experienced construction support services provider with an established reputation for excellence. Our focus on the complete integration of people and processes to consistently deliver best-of-class performance for our customers has led to our sustained rapid growth in this sector. Archangel’s excellent reputation is a direct result of our focus on customer needs and superior service with a great safety record.

Our Construction Support Services include construction security officers and patrols, gate guards, visual escorts, airport gate guards, airport visual escorts, maintenance of traffic/traffic control services, and more.

Archangel Protective Services is the leading provider for Metro Nashville Airport Authority, providing airport gate guards and airport visual escorts.

Archangel Protective Services Inc